The Reik Na Die Sterre 2018 season was an amazing project to have executed and to be a part of. Making a real difference in the community by giving young talent the opportunity to shine and to add value to their journey has always been at the heart of the Reik Na De Sterre concept.

The Reik Na Die Sterre team would like to extend our gratitude to the Historium Trust for assisting us with the funds needed to execute the 2018 programme.

The competition process of this season consisted of 3 Preliminary rounds and one finale’ event to determine the overall winner(s) for 2018.

The Preliminary rounds were held as follows:

The first round of auditions was held in Blue Downs at Girls and Boys Town.

Thereafter, at the NG Kerk Hall in Braceknfell, on 25 Aug 2018.

The third and final round of auditions took place in Stellenbosch (Rietenbosh) on 15 Sep 2018.


The finale was held on 29 Nov 2018 at the Kindersorg hall in Stellenbosch.

The categories included the following:

Ages 6-12: Singing

Ages 13+: Singing



The Judging panel consisted of the following:

Q-Rock (Rap artist who has been in the industry for over 20 years);

Lluwellyn; (Bartinney Manager)

Dean Smith (Actor and public figure); and

Gregory Noble (Die Son journalist).

Co-Sponsors included:

  • Jive
  • Anzleigh Catering
  • Cape Groove
  • Brendt Wines
  • Bartinney Wines
  • Maritzas Vocal Training
  • @Home Creations

The winners for the evening was as follows:

Ages 6-12 (Singing) – San Marie

Ages 13+ (Singing)-

Rap: Luvuyo

Talent: Dynamic Geezzz

Overall grand prize winners: Dynamic Geezzz

The Reik Na Die Sterre team would like to once again thank the Historium Trust for donating the much-needed funds to execute this project.

The overall winners (Dynamic Geezzz) received the following:

  • Cash Prize money of  R1,500
  • A logo design of their brand;
  • A 3 month free management consulting service sponsored by SJ artist management and business consulting.

Dynamic Geezzz have already attended their first consulting meeting with SJ and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these talented young men.Plans for Reik Na Die Sterre’s 4th season to be held in 2019 is possibly in the pipeline and we look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of the community and providing a platform for people to Reik Na Die Sterre.

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