Singer Songwriter Musician

Maritza is a South African singer, songwriter and musician. Starting her music career at the age of 9, she sang throughout her school years and was a regular lead in school musicals and pantomimes. After school she opened her own vocal school, while studying music at Cape Town Academy of music, but as fate would have it her love for performing was in her blood and she started singing full time.

Maritza has been singing professionally, performing at festivals, markets, corporate functions and many private shows. She performed with names like Corlea, Die Broers, Sonja Harold, Shaun Tait, Ilze Gous, Jacques G and more. She was part of Super sterre top 50 in 2010. She has won in many local competitions. In 2006 she recorded he first demo CD where she only sang cover songs. In 2010, she recorded a new demo with her first original song “Wanneer”.

Then in 2014 she records a full CD filled with 6 of her own songs including Towerkuns, this song was number 1 on Hosa Radio for 6 weeks and top 10 for 5 weeks on All Time Radio as well as top 100 for the 2015. With 11 years vocal training, Maritza is a beautiful, vibrant, versatile and fun performer, singing anything from English to Afrikaans. She is a solo artist.